Hudson Valley Native American History comes to life in Greenburgh

Find out how this land we walk on was used thousands of years ago on this road trip: near you at the Greenburgh Nature Center.

There is no shortage of history in the Hudson Valley, especially Native American history, and there are educational programs to teach you everything at the center. “They had a culture, they had music, they had art, they had different engagements with different communities. It was such a rich and rich culture and heritage and unfortunately not enough people know it. “said Travis Brady of Greenburgh. Nature center.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of the Hudson Valley’s original inhabitants with structures like a longhouse. “These are all natural materials, there is no metal, there are no screws. There is nothing really current building material in there. They would have built it, that would have been a learned technique that you would have passed on to your family and children, ”says Brady.

In the center’s Native American Replica Village, visitors learned how the tribes not only survived, but thrived, only because of their natural surroundings. “When people come to our program, they will certainly learn that the tribes were known as the East Wood Indians, and we sort of tie the woods to the ‘store.’ Whatever you need, you go to the woods, ”says Brady.

These woods provided everything, including how to build canoes! “It’s a single piece of wood from a tree trunk, doing this today with saws, chainsaws and axes is quite simple, but to do it with stone, bones and fire, it takes a little more knowledge and skill, ”says Brady.

During your walk you will also come across a life-size wigwam – another style of housing 6,000 years ago.

You will also see what preparing a meal would have looked like.

Next, head to the animals at the center of nature. Some played quite an important role in the lives of early humans, such as bald eagles!

And at the barnyard, let your new furry friends take care of your day.

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