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Not only in food, but also in the home furnishings more and more people value sustainability. Recycled materials are therefore very much in vogue. But that alone is not enough for the “slow living” movement. Their followers not only want to consume sustainably, but consciously as a whole. Therefore, they rely on a few, but high-quality furniture, instead of cheap goods and plenty of decoration. Renewable resources such as wood, linen, cotton or rattan are popular materials. In terms of color, the focus is on natural tones such as brown, gray, beige or khaki.


Smart furniture

If you do not have enough space in your flat, you need smart furniture with more than one function. Folding furniture is therefore becoming more popular. When visitors come, the bed in no time to the couch and the large dining table for space-saving Stehvariante. In addition, there are benches that can be transformed into a table with just one hand. Even more practical are 3-in-1 models. For example, smart side tables also serve as stools if required. With two more copies, they can even be stacked to the bookshelf. Because of their practical utility and innovative design, the furniture is also interesting for people who actually have enough space at home.


Round and organic shapes

high tech chair


In fashion, as in fashion, forms come back again and again that were once modern in interior design. Thus, in 2019, the kidney-shaped side table, which was extremely popular in the 1950s, is celebrating its comeback. If you are quick, you might still find well-preserved specimens in antique shops. Otherwise, there are also modern variants of glass or metal. In addition, ball lamps, which were already announced at the beginning of the noughties, are back in fashion. The bulbous models are not only as classic ceiling lamp, but also as a floor, table or floor lamp to the best advantage.


Art deco


Nothing for minimalists is the style of the “Golden Twenties”. Nevertheless, Art Déco 2019 will be modern again. The style stands for luxury, color and sensuality. Accordingly, furniture is decorated with curved shapes, precious metals and floral elements. It is also a luxurious decoration made of velvet, brocade or sequins. Whether the style matches the existing interior can be tested, for example, with a lamp, a mirror or a side table. If you like it, you can revive the 1920s at home with a velvet sofa. This fits a coffee table with glass top and gold-plated chrome supports.


Ice cream colors

Ice cream colors


To give the apartment a new look, often enough a bit of color. The selection of the right clay is inspired by the assortment of favorite ice cream parlors: strawberry, lemon, mango, pistachio and Co. are in full swing in 2019. This applies to walls as well as furniture. The soft pastel colors are particularly suitable for earthy wood tones. In particular, kitchen and hallway are so much more inviting than before. Anyone who is unsure whether the trend fits into their own home, can slowly approach. If you like pastel-colored lamps, vases or candlesticks, you can also give the wall the right look.

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